What is the Best Cat Litter for Multiple Cats of 2020?

Best Cat Litter

What if there was one best cat litter that answers all your cat ownership woes? Now, wouldn’t you like to know what that kitty litter is and just stick to it forever?

Apparently, though, our felines have various needs and preferences, and we want to cater to all of them. That’s why we have compiled the best of the best litter products we’ve found in the market.

Now, aren’t you wondering which among these products could be the best for your kitty baby?

What’s the Best Cat Litter For Multiple Cats?

  1. Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter, Unscented
  2. Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Litter, Unscented Low Tracking Cat Litter
  3. Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter
  4. ARM & HAMMER Naturals Cat Litter, Multi-Cat
  5. Precious Cat Dr. Elsey’s Long Haired Cat Litter
  6. Naturally Fresh Cat Litter – Walnut-Based Quick-Clumping Kitty Litter, Kitten Training Litter

Best Cat Litter For Multiple Cats Comparison Chart in 2020

Rank Image Product Editor’s Rating Price
1 Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter, Unscented Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter, Unscented 5/5 Buy it on Amazon
2 Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Litter Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Litter, Unscented Low Tracking Cat Litter 4.5/5 Buy it on Amazon
3 Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter 4/5 Buy it on Amazon
4 ARM & HAMMER Naturals Cat Litter, Multi-Cat ARM & HAMMER Naturals Cat Litter, Multi-Cat 3.5/5 Buy it on Amazon
5 Precious Cat Dr. Elsey’s Long Haired Cat Litter Precious Cat Dr. Elsey’s Long Haired Cat Litter 3/5 Buy it on Amazon
6 Naturally Fresh Cat Litter Naturally Fresh Cat Litter – Walnut-Based Quick-Clumping Kitty Litter, Kitten Training Litter, Unscented 3/5 Buy it on Amazon

Reviews of 6 Best Cat Litter For Multiple Cats of 2020

So, it’s finally time to introduce to you these amazing cat litter products. Remember, unlike our other articles, we’re giving you the best of the best here, as well as the best product for each specific category.

So, get ready to take down some notes as you check out our cat litter recommendations.

#1: Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter, Unscented – Best Cat Litter For Odor Control

Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter, Unscented

Do you wish you could just set up the litter box and leave home with not a bit of worry about coming back to a stinky atmosphere? That’s every cat owner’s wish — and it’s something that could now come true. Thanks to its activated carbon component that eliminates odor on contact, the Ever Clean Extra Strength Cat Litter Unscented can now provide a fresh-smelling home environment for you and your beloved feline.

Voted as one of the best cat litter on Reddit, One of this litter’s best features is that it contains an antimicrobial agent that gets rid of the odor right at the root of the problem. That’s why it works to stop the nasty smells from spreading even with an unscented formulation.

It’s also made of natural clays and minerals that ensure the safety of its users, so it’s quite friendly to highly-sensitive cats.

Odor Control

As we’ve previously mentioned, this Ever Clean Extra Strength Litter has employed the help of activated carbon to eliminate bacterial odors on the litter. Nope, the activated carbon content has not just been sprinkled into the bag of litter. Instead, it’s been bonded to and mixed thoroughly within the granules themselves.

This simply means that once your cat’s pee or poop makes contact with the litter granules, the activated carbon within the granules immediately works against the bacteria attacking them even before they start spreading the foul odors.

Clumping Ability

Another excellent feature of the Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Litter is its maximized clumping power. It works so effectively that it doesn’t let your cat’s urine reach the bottom of the box.

Clumping Ability Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented Litter

If you haven’t realized it yet, it’s often the prevailing presence of liquid urine in the litter box that causes that irritating smell of ammonia to spread. With this Extra Strength litter’s quick and hard clumping ability, that urine pool would no longer have to bother you.

So, what is this litter’s secret ingredient? Well, it’s really no secret at all. The Ever Clean Extra Strength Litter is primarily composed of bentonite clay, which is quite the standard when it comes to unquestionable clumping mechanisms.


Because of its fast and strong clumping ability, this Ever Clean Litter can last really long. Imagine having a pack of 42 lbs that holds up to 6 months for one cat. If you come to think about it, that’s totally cost-effective.

On the other hand, if you’re talking about weekly usage, one box of this litter can serve your cat for 2 weeks without replacing the contents. This fact brings us to our next point below.

Easy to clean

Yes, it’s super easy to clean and easy to scoop. According to Ever Clean itself, you can wait up to one month before replacing the litter box contents entirely. That’s because the litter stays fresh as long as you keep on scooping the clumps as well as the solid waste daily.

  • First of all, you have to fill your cat’s empty and clean litter box with at least 3 to 4 inches of Ever Clean.
  • If the box is of average size, you’ll be pouring around 14 lbs of litter.
  • Once done scooping all the clumps and soiled litter, you have to refill the box with the necessary amount of litter to replace what you’ve taken out.
  • That’s just the basic requirement, and you’ll only need to follow the daily scooping recommendation to keep the litter box in its fresh state. Just be sure to dispose of the waste into the trash, as this litter is not flushable.


As you would expect from clumping clay-based litters, this Ever Clean Extra Strength Unscented litter is not flushable. It can also be a little dusty and can track around your house.

In this case, placing an anti-tracking mat beside your cat’s litter box always offers a handful of helpers.

  • Made of natural clays and minerals
  • Unscented
  • Eliminates odor upon contact
  • Its granules are bonded with activated charcoal, which fights off microbes and odors
  • Clay-based and non-biodegradable
  • Not flushable

#2: Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Litter, Unscented Low Tracking Cat Litter – Best Dust-Free Cat LitterPurina Yesterday's News Non-Clumping Paper Litter, Unscented Low Tracking Cat Litter

Looking for a dust-free litter that’s both paw-friendly and environment-friendly?

You’re looking for that kind of litter right here. Made with recycled paper such as post-consumer newspapers, phone directories, and magazines, the Purina Yesterday’s News Non-Clumping Paper Litter is definitely a biodegradable, eco-friendly, and flushable litter.

Well, what’s impressive about this litter is its absorption capability, it’s 3x more powerful than traditional litters. Furthermore, it’s formulated with no harmful chemicals and is therefore non-toxic. And that’s why it’s been trusted and highly recommended by many U.S. vets.


With a 99.7% dust-free rating, this paper litter could provide you a virtually dustless environment. This means your kitty and you can breathe more easily around the home.

Your floor can finally feel cleaner, and the air around you gets clearer. This further means you have the least to worry about getting dust allergies or asthma.

Now, have you ever wondered what makes this paper litter so effective at being dust-free? Well, first of all, this litter is in pellet form, and pellets don’t easily dust away compared to granules. Secondly, these paper pellets have been compressed tightly during their manufacture — the same process that enables them to absorb moisture as much as three times their volume.


As we’ve just noted above, this Yesterday’s News Paper Cat Litter is in pellet form with no small particles, so, it has the purrfect design to minimize tracking around your home. Plus, the pellets are actually non-abrasive, so they’re gentler on your cat’s paws compared to other litters.

As such, it could be the kind of litter that suits even kittens. Of course, we know how delicate those tiny paws are making the soft paper pellets of Yesterday’s News the best friend of their sensitive paws, especially while they’re still practicing the litter box ordeal.

Odor control

Wondering how this litter fares when it comes to controlling odor? Well, it actually does great, even if it’s non-clumping. The secret? It’s in the paper pellets’ power of absorption.

With the ability to absorb moisture up to 3x better than clay litters, this Yesterday’s News litter can absorb urine odors excellently even with no added fragrance.


Based on how strongly this paper litter absorbs liquid, you could tell that it effectively reduces the frequency of litter changes. Thus, it can last really long.

The fact is, one bag of 30 lbs. of this litter can already accommodate 2 cats up to 1.5 months.

Easy to clean

Cleaning a litter box filled with Yesterday’s News Litter doesn’t require any heavy lifting.

Purina Yesterday's News Non-Clumping Paper Litter, Unscented Low Tracking Cat Litter

  • To begin with, it’s best to know the type of litter box that’s most appropriate with your cat.
  • Next, you have to pour only 2 to 3 inches of this litter into the box.
  • Meanwhile, you have to maintain the scooping of solid waste daily. To stay hygienic, you should also replace the entire litter every week
  • You probably have noticed that this is lesser than most litters, especially the clay-based ones. The reason is that if it’s too deep, you would find it hard to dig in and spot where the fecal matter has been hiding.
  • As for the urine, take note that it gets absorbed from the bottom of the litter tray. Just give the pellets time to absorb all the liquid. And, you will know if the pellets have already absorbed the liquid, you can tell from the fully expanded pellet size


Before you get too excited about this biodegradable paper litter, which naturally makes it a strong candidate for being the best flushable cat litter, allow us to remind you that it’s non-clumping.

Now, it actually depends on you and your cat to decide whether this non-clumping feature is a drawback or an advantage.

If you have multiple cats in the house though, this paper litter may not be the right litter to purchase. Take note that non-clumping litters are generally not suitable for a multi-cat household since the rest of the cats would not like to dig only to find the previous user’s treasure buried in the pile of litter.

  • 3x stronger absorption than traditional litters
  • No harmful chemicals
  • Non-toxic
  • Recommended by US vets
  • 99.7% dust-free
  • Paper pellets are soft and gentle on paws
  • Non-clumping
  • Not suitable for multi-cat homes
  • Cat litter smells like ammonia

#3: Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter – Best Clumping Cat Litter

Dr. Elsey's Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter

Speaking about clumping cat litters, we’ve just found the best one your cat could use. It’s Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Cat Litter. Like the first product we’ve reviewed above (the Ever Clean Extra Strength Clumping Litter), Dr. Elsey’s Litter is also made of 100% sodium bentonite.

Actually, it’s this clay component that makes Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Litter hard- clumping. With such a maximized clumping ability, this litter is an ideal match for mechanical or sifting litter boxes.

Now take note that if you weren’t that fond of the Yesterday’s News Paper Litter because it was not clumping and it was also not for multiple cats, well this one from Dr. Elsey’s is. Plus, despite the fact that it’s clay-based, it’s still hypoallergenic and boasts of a superior odor-control that takes care of the challenges of having a multi-cat household.

Clumping Ability

Clumping Ability of Dr Elsey Premium Clumping Cat Litter

If you think Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Litter is just like any other litter, think again. This litter is made of 100% sodium bentonite — just as we’ve mentioned a while ago. Now, in contrast to some other clumping clay litters that only combine cheaper clays with bentonite and they will break apart, this litter is full-on, thus maximizing the clumping ability and giving way to no crumbling clumps.

In other words, it doesn’t break apart. So, it’s not that surprising to know that Dr. Elsey’s formulation has satisfied many cat owners for 15 years now.

Now, while this is an all-natural clumping litter, it is not for internal use according to Dr. Elsey. So far, though, the feline-only veterinarian has not seen any case where his clumping litter has caused any cat problems. In fact, the convenience of using clumping clay in litters has brought joy to multi-cat households.


Clumping clay litters are usually very dusty but not this litter. It actually has less dust compared to other clay litters in the market. Plus, this litter is hypoallergenic since it has no plant protein content. Thus, it’s safe for your cats to use, especially for their lungs.


When it comes to tracking concerns, you have less to worry about with Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Clumping Litter. Since it’s made from 100% sodium bentonite clay, its granules are heavy and therefore designed to be non-tracking. Although it’s not the best litter in terms of totally preventing tracks.

Still, the added weight really helps in minimizing your effort in following your kitty’s usual tracks of mess.


One bag of 40 lbs of this litter can last long enough — even 2 months for one cat. In other words, this litter can save you from having frequent visits to the pet store.

Easy to clean

Since this litter is efficient at preventing moisture from reaching the bottom of the litter tray, it can significantly lessen your woes in cleaning up the litter box.

  • Like most litters, Dr. Elsey’s Ultra Premium Litter requires at least 3 inches of litter depth in the box. *This is to allow your beloved felines to experience digging and covering — gestures they would naturally do when they eliminate waste.
  • Your next part would be to maintain the freshness of the litter box. *To do that, simply scoop out the “solid balls” using a standard scooper.
  • Then, dispose of the waste properly into the trash. Take note that you can’t flush this kind of litter.
  • After taking care of the clumps of the mess, turn your attention to the remaining litter and refill the box accordingly so you would maintain the original depth.
  • After your daily litter box duties are done, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water.
  • Finally, we recommend replacing the entire litter box contents every 3 to 4 weeks.


Again, this is one of those litters that you could never flush down the toilet. It’s a clumping clay litter, remember? (For more information on flushing cat litter, check out our FAQ section below.)

Also, while its granules are heavy enough to avoid spills and eventual tracking, some of these granules, by virtue of the shape, can stick to your cat’s paws. As always, an appropriate and strategically placed mat would help minimize this sticking disadvantage.

  • Hard-clumping
  • No crumbling clumps
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Suitable for multi-cat homes
  • Easy to scoop
  • Not flushable

#4: ARM & HAMMER Naturals Cat Litter, Multi-Cat – Best Natural Cat Litter

ARM & HAMMER Naturals Cat Litter, Multi-Cat

Many cat owners make a big deal about all-natural and biodegradable litters — of course, we don’t want to harm our planet while trying to get rid of our cat’s mess. Fortunately, we’ve found this amazing litter on the market that is not only composed of natural plant-based cellulose substrates but also hard clumping at that.

Well, the fact is, this ARM & HAMMER Naturals Cat Litter is a corn fiber litter that has the ability to absorb twice as much urine as a clumping clay litter would. Because of this, it can fit well in homes with multiple cats. It also has a low-dust formula that would help in decreasing your woes about your cat’s lung sensitivity.

It’s lightweight, by the way — something that many wise shoppers would appreciate especially when they buy in bulk. Loved by many cat-owners because of its eco-friendliness, this litter is just waiting to be your very own best natural cat litter.

Eco-friendly & Safe

So, what is it that makes this litter such a dear to the environment?

Well, first of all, the ARM & HAMMER Naturals Cat Litter is composed of renewable ingredients. This is exactly the opposite of clay litters since the sodium bentonite clay resource is finite. In contrast, the plant sources for this biodegradable Naturals Cat Litter just continues to grow in abundance each year.

Now, what we really appreciate about this ARM & HAMMER Litter is that it has taken the eco-friendly feature to the next level — even its package comes from 100% recycled materials. Out of these, 35% are items coming from the post-consumer category, such a helpful way to save our landfills from more trash.

Well, this litter is not just safe for nature, it’s also safe for your cats. It has a neutral pH level, and its plant-based set of ingredients ensure a welcoming and healthy litter box experience for your beloved felines.

Odor control

With the power of the internationally recognized ARM & HAMMER Baking Soda, these Naturals litter rocks it when it comes to odor control. This ingredient, along with the corn and plant extracts, form a special blend that dries out urine — thus bidding goodbye to the nasty odors that come from pee bacteria.

So, the combined power of baking soda, corn, and the plant extracts makes this Naturals litter outstanding at odor elimination. Every time your cat uses the litter box, what comes out is not the woeful stinky smell but a stress-relieving fresh scent.


How long this litter lasts really depends on how many cats you have at home and on how frequently they’re using the litter box. The general rule is that the more cats and the higher the frequency of their visits, the shorter would a pack of litter last.

We have a British shorthair cat named Max, and one 18-lb. bag of the ARM & HAMMER Naturals Litter lasted 1 month with his frequent use.

Easy to clean

When it comes to cleaning, this ARM & HAMMER Naturals litter could keep you from having a hard time.

  • Since it forms extra-strong clumps, they’re all easy to remove.
  • After removal, you can then replace that discarded litter with fresh litter.
  • Just sprinkle it over the box to maintain 3 to 4 inches of depth.


We really like this cat litter a lot in terms of clumping, but it has a little problem with tracking. Also, it uses an added fragrance for odor control instead of relying on an antibacterial agent which is something it doesn’t have.

These minor issues aside, the ARM & HAMMER Naturals Cat Litter is quite a king at clumping.

  • Made of 100% recycled materials
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Has a neutral pH level and plant-based ingredients
  • Absorbs urine 2x better than clumping clay
  • Multi-cat formula
  • Lightweight
  • Contains Arm & Hammer Baking Soda for better odor control
  • Can track a little
  • Has an added fragrance

#5: Precious Cat Dr. Elsey’s Long Haired Cat Litter – Best Non-Tracking Cat Litter

Precious Cat Dr. Elsey's Long Haired Cat Litter

If you’re looking specifically for a crystal cat litter, we’ve got something here that you might really like. It’s the Precious Cat Long Haired Cat Litter by Dr. Elsey’s. Made with amorphous (instead of crystalline) silica gel, this litter is actually safe for your beloved felines when inhaled or ingested.

We’re also grateful that this cat litter is formulated with a hydrolyzed herbal attractant, thereby making it easier to draw cats into doing their business exactly inside the litter box.

Also, this litter really works well for long-haired kitties, as the medium-sized particles do not stick to their precious coat, so kitties regard it with high satisfaction. In fact, the granules are heavy enough in order to prevent tracking around the house.

Furthermore, many cat owners are seeing their cat kids choosing this litter over any other type. Being low on dust and having no added dyes, there’s no doubt this litter could be such a delight to use. Not to mention that it uses handy bottles or jugs (instead of bags) for convenience to the owner.

Absorb Urine

This Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Long-Haired Cat Litter is extremely good in terms of absorbing urine. Each litter granule is of medium size, so it has a larger surface area for maximum exposure to and absorption of the liquid waste.

As a result, each particle can absorb an amount of urine that’s 3x as much as the particle’s volume.

Odor control

Cat using Dr Elsey crystal litter

Another superb characteristic of the Precious Cat Long-Haired Cat Litter is that it acts really fast. In fact, it can trap urine and its stinky odor right on contact.

Also, it needs no added fragrance, since its quick-absorbing capability just takes care of the odors efficiently and naturally — something even short-haired kitties would appreciate a lot.


When using this non-clumping litter, you would notice how you’ll scoop out much less litter than you normally would with clay litters. Eventually, you’ll be throwing out less litter each month, so that one jug of this Precious Cat Litter can extend up to 2 months of use for one cat. Quite long-lasting, right?

Easy to clean

Cleaning up this litter is not as tricky as others. Take note that this is a non-clumping litter, so you’ll spot some solid waste as well as soiled litter in the box.

  • How often to change cat litter? Simply scoop these out daily. Meanwhile, you have to stir the granules in the box to take care of any remaining pool of urine at the box’s bottom.
  • Typically, a litter box with a 3-inch depth of this Precious Cat Long-Haired Cat Litter would go for as long as 2 weeks.
  • By this time, the granules would have already turned yellowish.
  • When it does, you can dispose of the entire litter box contents into the garbage.
  • Then, be sure to clean the box itself first before filling it with a fresh batch of crystal litter (up to 3 inches).


You might expect this litter to not be biodegradable, but it actually is, although it would take a longer time compared to plant-based litters. Still, you shouldn’t flush it down the toilet, instead, dispose of it in the garbage. Also, we don’t recommend this Precious Cat Crystal Litter for felines that are prone to having an allergy from silica gel.

  • Made of amorphous silica gel, which is safer even when inhaled or ingested
  • Contains a herbal attractant to draw cats to the litter box
  • Medium-sized particles don’t stick to those long kitty coats
  • No added dyes
  • Particles absorb urine 3x as much their volume
  • Traps urine and odor on contact
  • Not flushable
  • Not suitable for cats allergic to silica gel

#6: Naturally Fresh Cat Litter – Walnut-Based Quick-Clumping Kitty Litter, Kitten Training Litter, Unscented – Best Litter For Kittens

Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

Finally, we’re down to our sixth and final entry in this best cat litter series. Definitely, it’s not the least because it is for your beloved kittens. Yes, it’s the Naturally Fresh Cat Litter – Walnut-Based Quick-Clumping Kitty Clumping Litter, and it has been approved by many cats and cat owners alike.

Specially designed for kittens, this litter is 100% biodegradable and all-natural — so you would be assured your little kitten remains unharmed with its use. Its main ingredient is the fibrous material from the shells of walnuts, and these have been certified to be sustainably grown. So, the manufacturers must have been thinking clearly how to be friendly to the environment, too!

Moreover, this kitty litter is virtually dust-free for allergic-free breathing, and it doesn’t even stick to your kitten’s paws, significantly reducing your problems with the tracking.

The best part? This kitty litter’s formulation is just right for training young kittens in using the litter box. Find out more about this special feature below.

Safe & Attractive for Kittens

So, how does this Naturally Fresh Walnut-Based Litter help you in your kitten’s litter box training? First of all, it contains an amazing blend of natural herbs, working together like a cat attract formula that draws your kitty into the litter box.

Secondly, this litter doesn’t have any harmful ingredients. In fact, the walnuts from which this kitty litter is made are renewable each year. They’re actually non-food agricultural products that are certified as non-GMO.

Therefore, this Naturally Fresh kitty litter is truly toxin-free, which means your kitten can freely experiment on it without getting harmed.

Odor control

Clumping ability of Naturally Fresh Walnut- Based Household Quick Clumping

Scented or unscented? Well, we’ve previously discussed the subject on added fragrances, and we’ve concluded that most felines prefer no additional scents. So, this Naturally Fresh Unscented Litter is just perfect for your kitty in terms of smell.

Now, what does this have to do with odor control? Well, it simply means that this litter is taking care of the stinky urine odors through its quick-clumping mechanism. Yes, a “clumping” feature may not jive well with kitten use, and yet this all-natural litter is definitely an exception.

In fact, the clumping feature solves the odor problem. Plus, the resulting natural odors after a litter box session is way better than what you’ll smell from clay, corn, pine, and wheat litters.

Transitioning your litter to Naturally Fresh

Getting ready to transition now? Well, we’re glad to be of help. You just have to take note of the following steps:

  • Prepare a clean litter box and pour 1 to 2 inches of this Naturally Fresh Kitten Litter into it.
  • Add a top dressing into the box — use the current type of litter that you’ve been using. This is to cover the Naturally Fresh Natural Training Litter underneath.
  • When it’s time to change the whole litter box contents, just reduce the amount of your current litter.
  • Within just one to two changes, your kitty could already be comfortable with his new litter.


One problem with the Naturally Fresh Cat Litter is that it produces dirty color tracking. This can be expected from the color of the litter’s walnut shell component. To somehow alleviate the problem, you can use a dark litter mat that would help catch the litter and at the same time, make the surrounding floor look tidier.

  • Made from sustainably-grown and non-GMO walnuts
  • 100% all-natural and biodegradable
  • Has a cat-attract formula of herbs that draws kittens to the litter box
  • No harmful ingredients
  • Toxin-free
  • Can produce dirty color tracking

Buy it on Amazon

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

1. Can I compost cat litter?


Yes, but not all. Sand-based, crystalline-based, and clay litters can damage your soil’s composition and can leak synthetic toxins into your garden, thus they’re not good for composting. So, if you want to reduce your kitty’s ecological paw-print by composting his soiled litter, then you need to choose compostable cat litters in the first place.

These are all-natural plant-based litters that only need to be returned to nature once your kitty is done with them. Some of the best compostable ones are sawdust, pine, wheat, and recycled newspaper litters.

2. Can I flush cat litter?


It depends! For the most part, though, it’s a no-no. But why?

First of all, if it has clay in it, never flush the litter down the toilet. Clay absorbs water pretty well, and it hardens strongly upon absorption. Now imagine having clay litter running down the pipes and expanding in size as it absorbs the water that flows with it. Wouldn’t that create clogs within the pipes? Of course, it will.

So, again, never flush clay litter down the toilet.

Now, what about a cat litter that’s been marketed as “flushable”? It’s okay to flush that, right?

Well, not all the time. You see, even “flushable” litter manufacturers give a lot of caution against the practice, for two good reasons. First, these flushable litters usually made of wood, pine, corn, or wheat may not necessarily be compatible with your septic system. In other words, the system might not be capable of breaking down the litter as well as the fecal matter in it.

Most toilets are good only for human waste since it’s water-soluble — unlike feline poop which is also quite harder and can get stuck in pipes.

Another issue about flushing your kitty’s litter is that your kitty’s poop and soiled litter might contain the parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. Healthy humans may be able to fight it off, but not those with already-compromised immune systems.

The worst thing about getting infected with this parasite is to suffer from toxoplasmosis, which can cause fetal development disorders (which is why those undergoing pregnancy should avoid cleaning up soiled litter boxes) and even death.

Now, if your community’s water treatment plants can’t handle kitty poop, it’s just reasonable enough to avoid flushing soiled litter down the toilet.

3. How Many Cat Litter Types Are There?

There are several types of cat litter, and the specific number would actually vary according to how you categorize them. For instance, there are classifications of cat litter according to composition or ingredients, and there are those categorized according to their function.

Doesn’t that sound complicated? Well, not really. For the sake of simplification, we’ll list down three of the most common types of cat litter here — crystal litter, natural litter, and clumping litter, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

1. Silica Gel Crystal Litter


  • Silica gel or crystal litter has the ability to absorb urine more than other litters, so the “crystals” are best at controlling odors. Also, they’re super lightweight and contain no clay dust, hence, they’re easy to maintain. Some crystal litters are even flushable. Meanwhile, one interesting fact about a crystal litter is that it is the kind of cat litter that changes color (usually to yellow) once it gets saturated with urine, so you’ll know when to dispose of it.
  • While it doesn’t have clay dust, crystal litter has silica dust. It also takes a long time to degrade naturally, and it’s not safe for young kittens, especially those under 8 weeks. It may even have some added dyes and fragrances that aren’t cat-friendly. Meanwhile, some cats don’t like stepping on litters with crystal texture, their paws simply feel uncomfortable. If you’re considering crystal litters, take note that they can be quite expensive, as well.

2. Natural Cat Litter


  • The best thing about a natural cat litter is that it’s biodegradable and hence, eco-friendly. Some natural cat litters can even be composted. Also, since it has no silica or clay dust and employs only a natural odor-controlling mechanism, a natural cat litter is vet recommended. In other words, it’s hypoallergenic and is ruled out as safe for kittens. Plus, it’s generally dust-free, low tracking, and easy to clean.
  • The common problem among natural cat litters is that they can be less clumping compared to clay litters. They can also be a little more expensive compared to the more traditional litters.

3. Clumping Cat Litter


  • Obviously, the main benefit of a clumping clay litter is its quick-clumping ability. Since it’s one of the more common types of litter, it’s generally more affordable. Its clumping mechanism also helps a lot in maintaining superb odor control. It’s also pretty easy to maintain and contains no silica dust or added dyes.
  • The major drawback of a clumping clay litter is that it’s not biodegradable, not flushable, and not compostable — in short, not eco-friendly. Some formulations also abound in clay dust and can track a lot. Moreover, it’s not safe for kittens under 8 weeks of age.

3. Can I mix cat litter?

The quick answer is YES. It’s actually advisable to mix cat litters especially if you’re transitioning from your kitty’s current litter to a new litter product. It’s even better if the two litters you’re mixing are both clumping or both non-clumping. If you mix a clumping and a non-clumping litter, it defeats the very purpose of the clumping litter, and cleaning up the litter box wouldn’t be a very desirable experience.

4. How can I transition my cat to a new litter?

Odor control cat litter

Now, when you introduce a new litter to your feline, you have to start off by layering a clean litter box with the new litter — about 50% to 75% the depth of the usual litter box filling, so this would be around 1 inch and a half. Then, fill the remaining 25% to 50% of litter depth with his current litter.

The next time you change the entire box’s contents, you can increase the percentage of the new litter in the mixture. After around two changes, your kitty would have found himself comfortable using 100% of the new litter. Just be sure, though, that you’re not jumping from one litter brand to another all too often. Cats like consistency. So, remember to change to a new brand only when necessary.

Alternatively, you may also set up a separate litter box containing the new litter or using the best cat litter box for multiple cats. Place it next to the current brand of litter your cat is using if you don’t want to cat won’t use litter box tried everything. Soon, your picky cat will be able to decide whether he likes the new litter or not.

Sometimes, though, a cat can remain picky after trying out the above two methods, cat not using the litter box all of a sudden. If he takes issues with his litter box use, speak with your vet. Your beloved feline may be struggling with something that only a professional could detect.

What is the Best Cat Litter Brand?

We’ve already featured the best cat litter brands in many of our articles. Here’s a quick overview of our favorite top brands:

1. World’s Best Cat Litter


U.S.-based World’s Best claims to really be the world’s best cat litter by becoming friendly to pets, people, and the planet. With a variety of cat litter formulas that are all made from the “concentrated power of corn,” its products are quick-clumping, flushable, septic-safe, odor-controlling, and 99% dust-free.

2. Fresh Step


Fresh Step markets itself as the “cat litter that stops odor” — hence the “fresh” kitty step after a litter box session. Partnering with Febreze to battle against all kinds of odors, Fresh Step has a variety of clumping, non-clumping, multi-cat, crystal, and odor-shield formulations to cater to any feline.

3. Arm & Hammer


Trusted for more than 170 years now, Arm & Hammer boasts of a line-up of cat litters that are all tough on odors with their hard-clumping feature. Armed with its very own A&H Baking Soda, each Clump & Seal variant seals off smells and makes your cat’s litter box experience clean and pleasurable.

4. Purina


Purina is home to both the cat litter brands Tidy Cats and Yesterday’s News. Originating as far back as 1894, Purina has established itself as a company that caters to both food and litter needs to nourish and care for both cats and dogs.

5. Tidy Cats


Through its 50 years of litter innovation, Purina Tidy Cats has been offering a complete line of litter products to help cat owners simplify their litter box maintenance. Offering both clumping and non-clumping solutions, this brand seeks to minimize mess and maximize your home’s freshness.

6. Nature’s Miracle


Also catering to both cats and dogs, Nature’s Miracle is a member of Spectrum Brands, providing solutions not only in the form of litter but also in the form of litter boxes and stain eliminators that help you maintain your kitty’s litter box’s cleanliness the natural way.

7. Ever Clean


Boosting itself as America’s first clumping cat litter in 1987, the Ever Clean litter knows how to provide the strongest clumping action possible and how to maximize odor control. Both with scented and unscented variants, Ever Clean offers a great solution to kitties with sensitive noses!

8. Dr. Elsey’s


Founded in 1987 by Dr. Elsey himself — a renowned feline-only veterinarian — Dr. Elsey’s cat-loving company provides litter products that address many feline elimination problems that only pros know how to solve. What results is a line of litters that are all safe for your beloved kitties?

9. Swheat Scoop


For 25 years now, sWheat Scoop has served to be Mother Nature’s cat litter. With three lines of cat litter that is all made of wheat, sWheat Scoop offers to be the biodegradable solution that pleases many environment-loving cat owners out there.

Here is our selection of Best Cat Litter recommended by experts:

ARM & Hammer Naturals Cat Litter, Multi-Cat Formula

ARM & Hammer Naturals Cat Litter, Multi-Cat Formula

  • It’s all-natural, plant-based, biodegradable, and hence, eco-friendly.
  • It absorbs 2x as much urine as clumping clay.
  • It’s hard-clumping
  • It is specially formulated for households with multiple cats.
  • It has a low dust formula.
  • Its clumps are super easy to scoop.
  • It’s lightweight for the sake of your back.
  • It’s safe for your kitties.
  • It lasts long and gives you value for money.

Ready to use only the best litter for your beloved feline? Then get your kitty a pack of this top-rated cat litter from ARM & Hammer.

Our Verdict

Finally, we’re down to concluding this best cat litter 2020 series with a clear winner. Based on our investigation, the ARM & Hammer Naturals Cat Litter, Multi-Cat Formula wins as the best of the best cat litter among all categories.