Best Cat Litter For Kittens: Safest and Attract in 2019 (UPDATED)

If you've been on a quest for the best cat litter for kittens that comes with all the major perks to give your cat the most experience, then this guide is for you. 

In this article, we will review the cat litters that offer an unbelievable ability to remove all waste cleanly. 

Best cat litter for kittens

We are also going to outline some of the cat litters that are unsafe for kittens as well as those that are safe for kittens. 

With all these in mind, let's dive straight into this guide.

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Best Safest Cat Litter For Kittens 2019



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SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter


  • 100% grasses grown in the USA
  • Chemical free
  • Dust free
  • Odor control
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Clumping
  • Easy to clean
  • Biodegradable
Purina Yesterday's News Fresh Scent Paper Cat Lit


  • Made by Recycled Paper
  • Chemical free
  • Dust free
  • Low tracking
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Post-surgery safest
Feline Pine Cat Litter


  • Made by Pine pellets
  • Designed for multiple cat homes
  • Chemical free
  • Dust free
  • Lowest tracking
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Cheap
CatSpot Litter, 100% Coconut Cat Litter


  • Made by Coconut shell
  • Chemical free
  • Dust free
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Light weight
  • Flushable and biodegradable
Precious Cat Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract Scoopable Cat Litter


  • Made by clumping clay litter
  • Great for kitten training
  • Soft texture
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Hard clumping
  • Odor control

Review of the 5 Best Cat Litters For Kittens

So, here are the best 5 cat litters you can try out.

SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter​​​​​

After a critical look at the SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter, we discovered that this Cat litter is not lacking in innovation or ambition.

Clumps up urine without disintegrating into Dust

The SmartCat All Natural Litter is one of the best cat litters that will clump urine like rocks without breaking apart, or disintegrate into dust when being removed from the box or when kittens step on them.

It clumps really well, slightly better than walnut shell litter and much better than corn and wheat litters. Even with its top-notch performance, this litter provides better health for your family and cat.

Once your cat has contacts with it, the litter will harden up while absorbing the cat’s urine that it lifts out cleanly and neatly.

This means, more litter will be saved since there's going to be a little to no waste when scooping.

Blue Naturally Fresh vs. SmartCart Clumping Litter (VIDEO TIPS)

Traps down odor-causing Bacteria


With the ability to scoop in a few minutes, coupled with a quick clumping ability, this Cat litter does a great job in trapping down odor-causing bacteria.
This, of course, will eliminate any chance of respiratory issues caused by dusty cat litters.

Yes, you’re sure of having a natural litter that is chemical free, fragrance-free, clay free, renewable and biodegradable even with multiple cats.

Offers a Creamy Sand Texture

I also like the included creamy sand-like texture: Our research shows that they work well for most cats.

Meaning, transitioning from your old cat litter to this model won't be a problem, since your cat will happily use it due to the softness of the texture.

100% Non-GMO Grass Grown in the US

The SmartCat All Natural Clumping cat litter is made of 100% Non-GMO grass grown in the US. With an epic 20 pounds lightweight bag, this cat litter cat litter does not smell like grass or dissipate weird smell, making it a must have item for all cat owners. 


  • While this product looks impressive due to its outstanding performance, I do have some gripes about it.
  • While it promises a lightweight design, I noticed that it encourages litter tracking (honestly, I'm not sure there's any litter that doesn't track). Instead, I've found other litters that track much more terrible than this.

But there is a workaround for it:

To reduce the amount of tracking, you can use one of the litter mats mentioned in our articles here.

  • Also, the litter appears to clump occasionally on the edges of the litter box making it quite difficult to thoroughly clean except you pay special attention to those areas.
  • And it also comes as an unrecyclable package.


  • Maximum odor control
  • 99% dust free
  • Lightweight
  • Chemical free
  • Biodegradable and renewable
  • Quickest Clumping
  •  Made from 100% grasses grown in the USA


  • Tracking
  • Quite expensive
  • Occasionally clumps on the edges
  • Non recyclable packaging

Purina Yesterday's News Fresh Scent Paper Cat Lit

We took an intent look at the Purina Yesterday's News Fresh Scent Paper Cat Lit:

Our findings revealed that this cat litter for kittens prevent dusty paw prints from your floors. Unlike regular litter, this cat litter doesn't stick to your cat's feet.

​​​​Low Tracking

Doesn't Irritate Pads or Stick to Paws

Purina, as a company, ensured that this kitten litter doesn't stick to cat's feet like regular litter. It has been created to be dust free and designed for low tracking with no small particles.

Paw-friendly Paper Pellets


The Purina Cat Litter has been created to have paw-friendly paper pellets that are made from recycled paper to give you an eco-friendly solution.

This cat litter will absorb moisture 3x by mass compared to traditional clay-based litter.

Odor Control


The News Fresh Scent Paper Cat Lit is odor control made easy. Not only will it absorb the Cat's urine, but it will also remove the entire odor and let you use it for more than a week before changing the content to a fresh one.

If you have been having trouble living with the scent of cat litters, our look at the News Fresh Scent Paper Cat Lit shows that the scent is not strong at all. The litter has a very light "fresh" scent, that isn't going to be an issue even if you have allergies.

Lightweight Bag with Soft Texture

Unlike the SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter that offers 20 pounds bag, this Cat litter features 13.2 lbs, making it much more lightweight. The texture of the litter is soft for your cat's sensitive paws.

The best part is that you can also use it in the Breeze Tidy cat system and it will still work great. Even my Vet recommends this brand and uses it in her animal hospital. You are going to use it for about 1.5 months between 2 cats.


However, we encountered a few downsides.

  • This litter still tracks even though it has low tracking. The good thing about this brand is that you can easily sweep or vacuum up the pellets.
  • We also noticed that it doesn't cover up the smell well. After a few days of using it, the odor becomes way too pungent as it continues to absorb much urine.

But it won't bother your cat or cause main concern with 3 cats. So, ensure you use a hooded litter box to contain it!

While it is not as good as a clumping litter, it is still better than I expected. It is still convenient, and quite easy to dump. And your cats will also take to it without issue.


  • Keeps scent down
  • Post-surgery safest
  • Recycled Paper
  • Easy to scoop/dump
  • Decent price
  • Will last for about 1.5 months for 2 cats


  • Doesn't do much for odor control
  • Still tracks litter
  • Difficult to scoop after the litter is all dirty due to its dark color
  • It doesn't cover up smell well

Feline Pine Cat Litter

The quest for a 100% natural and chemical free Kitten litter that is safe for your cat is almost complete.

The use of Pine material that is already cut and recycled from shavings truly ensures that the Feline Pine Cat Litter doesn't emit dust. Meaning, you're getting a Pine material that will disintegrate into dust when in contact with moisture.

You won't get any gross residue on the litter box as opposed to a clay-based litter that tends to stick to the sides of the litter box.

Lowest Tracking even with Multiple Cats

Lowest Tracking even with Multiple Cats

A critical look shows that Feline Pine was able to produce this litter to give the lowest tracking like other high-end brands on this list.

They were able to get the hang on this by creating a litter that will be heavy and dense when in pellet to prevent the litter from being kicked all over the house.

And with a 20-30 lbs/bag weight, the Feline Pine Cat Litter was created for multiple cats.

Scooping made easy

Yes, with this cat litter you only need to scoop once in every 3 days, since it doesn't come with urine clumps and all you need to do is to remove the poop.

While it is true that you will have to change the whole litter box in a week, it is still much better than scooping daily.

But the question is:

Can you leave the box until the litter is gone? Do you need to trash the litter after a week?

Well, for me, I would scoop out any wet litter daily and ensure they are disposed of in the trash. If you notice the litter has an offensive odor, then you need to trash it out.

After that, wash the litter pan dry and fill in another new litter.

Works great with Breeze Litter Box system

Works great with Breeze Litter Box system

We tested the Feline Pine with the Breeze system and discovered it performed really well. We noticed that after it absorbs urine, the pellets will then change to sawdust and fall into the tray near the pad.


However, like every other product, the Pine cat litter comes with its own downside.

  • We noticed that the sawdust gets a little dusty and starts to track after we left the litter to break down for two weeks or so.
Feline Pine Cat Litter Dusty

While that is true, it still doesn't track very far, more like outside the box. And it is still effortless to clean without having much smell of pine.


  • Affordable
  • Neutralizes strong odors
  • Pet-Friendly
  • No harsh chemicals
  • No synthetic perfumes
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Gentle sawdust shavings


  • Tracks as the litter break down after two weeks

CatSpot Litter, 100% Coconut Cat Litter

There's a lot to like about the CatSpot Litter, and little to dislike. You're getting a Cat litter that has zero chemicals, that is lightweight, no dust, incredible absorbency and not harsh on a cat's paws.

Excellent absorbency

Excellent absorbency

With a simple coconut ingredient, the CatSpot cat litter is one of the best litters for kittens with excellent absorbency and no harmful chemicals or allergens.

Yes, there is more absorbency here:

The coconut dries the deposits quickly, and all the wet urine is completely removed.

And even with a lightweight 5-lb bag, this litter will absorb the same way as a 20 pound of clay litter. It will also eliminate solids from the litter daily, and absorbs liquids rapidly.

In fact, when your cat tries to cover the poop, the coconut material will ensure the poop get wrapped up, and the coconut neatly absorbs the urine.

But when the coconut material dries out the poo, please ensure you stir the liter around it to make it absorb even better.

Easy to Clean

Easy to Clean

This litter is quite easy to sweep up after you clean. If you notice the litter is getting darker, then dump it and add a new one.

According to CatSpot, after 15 days of use, you should ensure you empty the litter in a box compost bin, flower beds, or in the yard.

But can you flush the waste down the toilet?

Yes, you can.

All you need to do is to scoop out the solid waste and flush it in the toilet. While you won't notice any odor or dust in this litter, it will undoubtedly trap the loose bits in the box.


  • However, one major downside is that it tracks much due to its lightweight design. And due to its coconut material, we noticed it attracts more reptiles like spiders.
  • Since it doesn't clump urine, what you need to do is to remove the solid waste two times a day and dump it after 2 weeks.

Well, this will go well if you have one cat. But if you do have multiple cats, you are going to perceive odors after 7 days.


  • Lightweight
  • No odor
  • Coconut dries out deposit quickly
  • Kittens use it!
  • Smells much less
  • Dust-free
  • Non chemicals
  • Biodegradable and flushable


  • Tracks much
  • Attract more reptiles like spiders
  • It doesn't clump urine
Precious Cat Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract Scoopable Cat Litter

Of all the things I liked about Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract, Scoopable Cat Litter is the fact that it is an excellent training cat litter.

That is something the SmartCat All Natural Clumping Litter, and the Feline Pine Cat Litter, as well as the News Fresh Scent Paper Cat Litter failed to adopt.

This is the best cat litter for kittens training

This is the best cat litter for kittens training

If you have a kitten that wouldn't train on a cat litter, then, having Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract Scoopable Cat Litter will help you solve the problem.

To back up this hype, this cat litter comes with a smaller and a finer grain that will keep your cat coming back, compared to others. The fine, small clumping clay doesn't stick or gets hardened on your kittens' feet, whenever they step the litter and urine accidentally.

Of course, Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract Scoopable Cat Litter wants your cat to appreciate walking on a soft texture compared to gravel, so they decided to make this one.

Absorb urine and Clumps waste in hard bits

Absorb urine and Clumps waste in hard bits

And with a 20 lb/bag design and the ability to perform well in litter boxes that have manual or automatic sifters, this litter can absorb urine and clumps waste in hard bits to controls odor naturally.

But, can you use this for kittens that are younger than eight weeks?

Unfortunately, you can't.

According to the company, the reason for this is due to the fact that young kittens from 4-5 weeks pass through litter tasting stage. Meaning, they are likely to eat or ingest the litter, which will pose a severe Heath challenge to your kitten.

The best bet for you is to use a non-clumping litter, as this has been proven to be quite safe for kittens that are below 8 weeks.

Aside from this, Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract litter box works great for older cats. And if you have a kitten that's peeing outside the litter box, then this litter does a remarkable job in attracting that kitten into the box.



In addition to this, the litter doesn't smell and works brilliantly without the use of deodorants, perfumes or chemicals. And the best part is that it is effortless to clean out.


Keep in mind too that Dr. Elsey's Kitten Attract comes with its own downsides. The clay material in this litter is way too dusty.

But, there's a workaround for this:

  • First, combine the Dr. Elsey's with a lightweight plant-based clumping litter that has no strong artificial fragrance of its own. Then, sprinkle fresh Kitten Attract over the top of the combined litter after the daily scoop-out.

This will help to prevent dustiness, saves cat's joints, and reduce tracking and help you save a lot of money.


  • Maximum Odor Control
  • Hard clumping
  • Great kitten training litter
  • Softer texture
  • Biodegradable and flushable


  • A bit dusty
  • Use chemical

What litter material is unsafe for Kittens?

While Cat litters may come in a different form such as the crystal, rock, clay litter, and others, there are some that are unsafe for cats. And we shall focus on the few litters that could be unsafe for your cat.

 #1  Clay Cat Litter


The clay cat litters are in two forms: The clumping and non-clumping clay litter.

The clumping clay litter contains a product called betonies, which enables the litter to form a clump when exposed to liquid. This means you can easily remove waste and ensure your litter stays cleaner.

The non-clumping clay litter, on the other hand, is far more absorbent than both paper and crystal litter. This type of litter controls odor and liquid very well.

But some of the safety problems with the clay litters are:

  • They are dusty, non-biodegradable, and heavy to cart around. And this can cause feline asthma known as allergic bronchitis.
  • Kittens often eat litter, and clumping clay litter is very dangerous when it solidifies and expands in their digestive tracts
  • Clay litters are prone to regenerate bacteria as a result of moisture retention.
  • Clay litters will begin to stink almost as soon as they have been used, and the odor stays on for a long duration.

 #2   Wheat Cat Litter


The wheat litters are natural litters for kitten waste and are made out of wheat-based plant materials. Meaning, they can even be used for manure.

  • Wheat can be another problem ingredient for cats, so I also suggest avoiding wheat-based litters as well.
  • One health problem with the wheat litters is that they can invite pest and insect into the home.
  • Secondly, you will need to empty the litter tray daily as it could form clump if not emptied.

 #3   Crystal Cat Litter


Crystal litters are made of silica, which is quite dusty. They have tiny pores that allow the liquid waste of kittens to get absorbed.

In fact, they are best known to absorb almost 40 times the liquid of crystal weight.

There are still downsides on why this litter is still unsafe for kittens:

  • Crystal litters could cause a sneezing reaction for your cat even when it has no nasal or eye discharge.
  • Crystal litters would not be advisable for cats with kidney disease as they absorb liquids. If the cat ingests these, it may result to serious health risk.
  • Some cats getting crystals on their paws, and this can be dangerous if ingested in large amounts or over a long period, which happens when cats clean their feet.

 #4   Corn Litter


Corn-based litters are the best biodegradable cat litters amongst the other litters. They absorb and provide control for odor as others.

Yet, they have been tagged to be unsafe for the felines because of the reasons below:

  • Corn litters could cause you to start coughing because of the dust, which is quite dangerous for cats with asthma.
  • The natural smell from corn litters is not pleasant.
  • Since most kitties ingest a bit of litter each day during grooming, and since corn is a problem for pets, I recommend avoiding this type of litter.
  • Warm and wet corn is the ideal growing environment for toxic aflatoxin mold, and this can cause severe illness or even death in cats.

What litter material is Safest for Kittens?

Based on in-depth research from our end, the following are what we can confidently say are the safest litters for your kittens.

#1  Recycled Paper


This litter is created from recycled paper that is later changed into granules or pellets. The good thing about Recycled paper litter is that they are dust-free, biodegradable, and highly absorbent.

Another nice perk about Recycled paper is that they don’t form urine clumps, but only the granule form does.

The best part?

Kitten loved it!

 #2  Pine Pellets


The good thing about Pine litter is that they are also recycled, and are made typically from lumber scraps that are heat-treated to eliminate oils, toxins, and allergens from the wood.

Just as you guessed, Pine litters are also made from granules, pellets, or roughly crushed pine. You will notice pine scent when you use them. Of course, the scents aren’t offensive, and they help to control odor.

While granules and cobble (roughly crushed pine) are somewhat clumping, Pine in pellet form will turn to sawdust that you’d need to replace regularly.

And of course, Kitten loved it.

 #3  Walnut Shells


Kittens love Walnut shell cat litters due to their crushed walnut shell materials that are dark brown in color. The sweet perks about the Walnut shell litters are their ability to clump and also control.

They are also highly absorbent, and biodegradable.

 #4  Grass

Grass Litter Safe

Although Grass litters are new to the scene, they are one of the safest kitten litters you can rely on.

For instance, Smart Cat, which is a grass litter feature a fine-grained litter material that is made in USA-sourced grass fibers. This litter is biodegradable, can controls odor like a champ and offer impressive clumping ability.

And Kitten loved it.

 #5  Coconut Shell


The reason why Coconut litters are among the safest kitten litters is that they are made from the super-absorbent husks of 100% organic (organic is always non-GMO) coconuts shell. And they don’t have any added chemicals or fragrances.

Kitten loved it.

Recycled Paper


Walnut shell

Coconut shell








Odor control













None (Pellets)

Less (Granuales)

None (Pellets)

Less (Granuales)







Free Perfume






Free Dye






Easy to clean






How To Choose Best Cat Litter For Kitten

Guideline to Choose the Best Litter for Kittens

Before you decide to choose a cat litter for your kitten, here are a few tips you have to keep in mind to get the products.

1. Free perfume for kittens

Free fragrance

The litter box you want to go for should be unscented and free from perfume for kittens. The reason is that cats have a huge aversion for scented litters and will likely not use them.

That is why we recommend going for a litter that is perfumed free, chemical free and doesn't have any floral scent. 

2. Dust Free For Kittens


There are chances that kitten may ingest litters by inhaling the dust especially when they are digging around the litter box.

So, before pressing the buy buttons to ensure the kitten litter is 100% completely dust free or is very low in dust.

And an excellent example of such litters we can confidently say is dust free are litters made out of coconuts. A few of the perks they come with is that they are sustainable, all natural, and all organic and are incredibly lightweight

3. Low Tracking for Kittens


Yes, this is very important as well.

Having a litter that is low in tracking will help reduce the amount of litter found everywhere in your house

To prevent this, find out if the litter stays in the box rather than sticking to the cat's paw where it can track around outside the box.

4. Odor Control for Kittens


One of the most important factors to consider when buying a cat litter is the one that has lots of odor controls.

You want to make sure the litter is chemical free and perfume free as well. It shouldn't produce any stench at all, let alone have a scented smell that irritates your cat.

So, ensure you check if the litter has a good reputation for absorbing odor and not masking it. The best deal for you is to go with a good quality unscented litter rather than scented litters.

5. Quick Clumping for Kittens


You also want to consider if the litter will clump moisture quickly before making a buying decision. Knowing this will help cleaning the litter box a lot easier since you will only have to scoop and remove the clumped waste.

This practice will ensure you don't often clean the whole tray as you would with non-clumping litter. 

6. Consider Young Kittens

Consider Young Kittens

Open full size image on click - Source:

However, if you have a younger kitten that are less than 8 weeks, old, we would recommend you avoid Fine-grained cat litter.

Because there are chances, your kitten may ingest the small particles, which may pose some serious health issues.

7. High Comfort

High Comfort

Always consider your cat's comfort at all times. Studies show that cats are more comfortable with grass or clumping clay litters because of their soft texture. And because of that, they will accept or even want to be trained with the litter.

8. Great Training for a Kitten

Great training for kitten

If you are looking for a litter that will attract your kitten to start using it, then ensure you go for the best that can do the job.

Find out if the brand has an excellent reputation in attracting cats into the litter box.

And for such product to be so good in attracting the cat to use the litter box it should offer fine, small clumping clay that doesn't stick or gets harden on your kittens' feet, whenever they step the litter and urine accidentally.

The litter should be able to entice them and provide much comfort.

So, ensure you watch out for these factors. 


If you want a house that smells like you have no cats peeing in it, then try these litters we've just reviewed. These are the best cat litters we can recommend that DOESN'T come with harsh chemicals and synthetic perfumes.

They are definitely safe for your cats.

But if you're a bit confused on which litter brand to choose from in our list, then go with our editor's choice:

Here's why we recommend the SmartCat Litter as the best litter brand for kittens:

  • It clumps urine like rocks without breaking apart.
  • Once your kitten has contacts with it, the litter will harden up while absorbing kitten’s urine that it lifts out cleanly and neatly.
  • It does not disintegrate into dust when being removed from the box.
  • Offers better health for your family and cat.
  • Allows to scoop in few minutes, with a quick clumping ability.
  • Traps down odor-causing bacteria.
  • Eliminates any chance of respiratory issues caused by dusty kitten litters.
  • Allows easy transitioning from your old cat litter to this model due to the softness of the texture.
  • 100% grass grown in the US, without smelling like grass or dissipating the weird smell.
  • Natural Litter that is chemical free, fragrance-free, clay free, renewable and biodegradable even with multiple cats.

So, what's your favorite cat litter? And what’s your experience using them? Were they pleasant or unpleasant?

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